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Losing karma with PK off while killing the attacking PKer

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  • Losing karma with PK off while killing the attacking PKer

    I dont know if this is the right subforum, move it around as you like.

    This is not the first time this is happening. Someone attacked me while I was grinding, and I killed them. I lost karma. In fact, that someone kept coming back and attacking me. We were both postive karma when it started. I'm now at around ~-400k. The only times when I did turn pk on, was when I was well into negative karma, and there was another, fairly common bug where I couldn't damage the person attacking me. The solution is to keep turning pk on and off until you start doing damage.

    I don't know what else to say. This is a pretty good bullying method (even when someone who is weaker is trying to bully you out of a spot) at the moment, as I'm now negative karma, with no pots and horse, and unable to retrieve either of those cos of the guards.

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    Yeap, losing karma even tho you didnt flagged is how devs set it atm.
    Why wont he leave and continue karma bombing you - bcuz penalties for death is also set so - no one loses their crystals from equipment, no one loses enchant level, but special about low karma death: you lose exp on death if youre low on karma. But ofc we all lose random quest items and crappy loot from mobs, so if you move scrolls to storage - die as many times as you want.
    "-400k karma" rip, you can clean karma fast in party, if its party of 4-5 players you will be clean in no time because karma gain adjusted too.
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      See, Dlaiy told me yesterday that it's not meant to be like that, that the defender should not be losing karma. Which really is the only thing that would make sense, especially having in mind what you said - no one loses crystals, enchant levels and exp unless they're low karma. So it costs him nothing to keep karma bombing, and if I don't want to go negative karma I have to move away and give him the spot, right? Which IMO, sets up the wrong incentive.

      It's not about who can kill who anymore, but who doesn't mind dying a bunch of times. I could've just stood there and let him kill me a bunch of times till he goes red now that I think about it, but doesn't that sound ridiculous to you? What kind of pvp is that where the point is to die a lot to other players and that gives you an advantage over them. It just feels wrong, I wonder how it's set up on official?

      And yeah I know how to get my karma back which is fine, but it's still obnoxious if you run out of pots and your pony is killed (like what happened to me) and you can't get either cos the guards will kill you.