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[ENG] Beginners guide (Installation)

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  • [ENG] Beginners guide (Installation)

    Dear Beginner,

    if you are planning to play on OgreFest BDO, following the instruction in this guide will lead you there in no time!

    Step 1: Create account & Download the game
    • Step 1.0) IP-Block
      • There are no IP-Blocks on OgreFest, that means that you are able to play this server from everywhere.
    • Step 1.1) Wipes and such
      • There are no wipes in OgreFest and will never be.
    • Step 1.2) Creating an account
    • Step 1.3) Downloading the game
      • We are using the EU/NA client, if you already have it, you may proceed to next step, for those who don't have it, will need to download it. (Read the Tip)
      • Download from Black Desert Online CDN
    • Step 1.4) Installing and updating the game
      • Once you have downloaded the launcher from the link given in Step 1.2, you have to install it and run the launcher.
      • Do not login in this launcher as it is official server.
      • You have to let it "update" (install) the game to 100%, the update/install takes around 45 gigabytes of space.
      • Once you have finished downloading, proceed to step 2.
        • IMPORTANT!! The official Black Desert Online server undergoes maintenance every Wednesday and therefore your client will not be supported until our server updates to match their version. All information about our server updates are posted on Discord and delayed posts onto the forum. Please do not ask about this error on the forums or on our discord server since everything will be fixed as soon as possible.
    • ​​​​​​​Step 1.5) To play on OgreFest you will need a downgrade patch which you can get from ! Only then you may proceed to play on OgreFest.
    Tip: You don't need to buy an account to actually download the game, the link is provided from where to download the launcher official launcher, although it would be nice to support real developers, Pearl Abyss if you purchased the original game.

    Step 2: Download and install the launcher
    Firstly, you have to download .NET 4.6.2 framework. If you are on Windows 10, you don't need to (Link:
    You may download the launcher from here:
    If your "Anti-Virus" picks up our installer / launcher as a threat, please add to exceptions as it is false positive.

    Run the executable and you will get this interface. Do not install Launcher in any of Black Desert Online folders or your files in those folders will get overwritten.


    The installer will take it's time to finish, therefore you will see this interface when it is done:

    You must click Next > and have Launch OgreFest Launcher checked to register the protocol to launch the game. In future we will not require you to do so, but for now it is mandatory.

    Step 3: Create an account and log in
    If you haven't yet created an account for the game, please create one. You should now be able to connect to the server. There is no Email verification needed. You may click Start Game button from homepage to launch the game after you have logged in.

    Step 4: Launching the game
    If you followed Step 3 correctly, you should be taken to this website and a popup should show up like this:

    Step 4: Using the launcher
    After you have completed Step 4, you will see this interface. It will begin downloading couple of files needed to connect to the server.

    Once it is done, you may click the button called PLAY which will change from UPDATING... in few moments.


    1) Can I have multiple Black Desert installations?
    Yes you can, copy the files to another folder.

    2) How to update, what should we do ?
    When an update is available, it is a good idea to verify that with administrators of this forum in Discord (, if everything is good, you may update your client.

    3) I have a client from EU/NA, Russian or Korean or Japanese version of the game, can I use it ?
    We are targeting to use EU/NA region client as it is more language friendly than other versions and mostly English is international language which allows for all to understand. Unfortunately you cannot use Russian, Korean, Japanese clients to connect to the server.

    4) I have MacOS / Linux, can I still play?

    5) I accidentally chose wrong path or game executable. What can I do ?
    You must go to the location you have installed the launcher and remove a file called configuration.xml

    6) It keeps saying "Invalid game client folder selected", what does that mean ?
    It means the following;
    • Outdated client, or
    • Client version is too new, does not match OgreFest version, or
    • You didn't install the client. (Launcher is not the same as client, the launcher downloads the client and it must say 100%)
    7) What does "closed" server mean?
    It means that the channel is offline. It also means one of the following;
    • Server is being restarted, or
    • Server is in maintenance
    Please don't spam our discord and forum with server offline or not. If you are stuck on "Now processing" it doesn't mean that the server is offline. Just click "START" button once more.

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    How do I get in-game Pearls?

    Gear-Up Guide For Starters

    Do you have any questions ? Please don't hesitate and ask in !
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